Wren- veterinarian

Wren riding Anna Hopla's Feurst Falco at Grand Prix


 Dr. Wren Burnley is our resident AAEP Veterinarian, owner and Gold Medalist.  Wren is involved in every aspect of the farm, and stays deeply concerned about keeping our horses healthy and sound. Formerly an eventing rider, she is absent fear and is often seen participating in somewhat of a creative trail ride to keep the horses fresh and bright. 

wren and a. hopla's furst tanzer


 Wren keeps up with the veterinary end of performance!

She  maintains an FEI vaccination protocol for all of the Wrenwood horses.  She is often seen doing dental evaluations and floating teeth to keep them comfy in the bridle.  She also manages all of our vibe plate protocols. 

wren & Protoge BPF


 Wren brings over 20 years of horse experience to the table when selecting suitable dressage candidates for training.  She is uniquely able to shop for horses by both riding and performing the veterinary prepurchase exam all in one trip!