jT Burnley - FEI Trainer


Classical Dressage

 J.T. Burnley is an FEI Dressage exhibitor and trainer who specializes in the classical approach to equine development. He prepares horses both mentally and physically for International competition by continually introducing a systematic and methodical set of challenges. 



 Having three decades in the equine industry has equipped him with the survivor-ship necessary to withstand the toughest of economic climates. He is thought of as a passionate, lifelong steward of Dressage whose horses are cheerfully obedient and willingly devout to their rider.

He maintains an inexhaustible amount of patience, iron clad ethics, and a palpable desire to develop his riders, his horses and himself to potential. 


JT evaluates each horse's development:

In the stall
In hand
On the lunge
Under saddle
During turn out

Horses are inserted into a specific level of training based upon their evaluation. This approach to educating a horse is not one size fits all. G