2020 rates


subject to change at any time


Full Care Board (minimum 12 month commitment) $720.00 

Classical Dressage Training (minimum 12 month commitment) $700.00 

Dressage Instruction $75.00 ea. 

Off Site riding session $55.00 per ride 

Worming (Done via AAEP licensed Veterinarian) $1.50/100# 

Production Quality DVD $75.00 ea. 

Marketing & Brokerage Service for Resident Horses No Charge 

Sales commission upon Resident Horses when sold 10% 

Marketing & Brokerage Service for Non-Resident Horses Not Available 

Finder’s Fee (5% of Final Sale Price plus expenses) 5% + E 

Pre-Purchase Dressage Evaluation No Charge + E 

Annual Written Rider Evaluation No Charge 

Annual Written Horse Evaluation No Charge 

Horse Transportation $1.30/mile (Single Horse) $1.30 mile 

Horse Transportation $0.80/mile (2 or more Horses) $0.80 mile 

Competition Labor Fee $10.00/hr (minimum of 3 hours per day) $30.00 

Trainer Competition Fee ($350.00/day per Horse) + E $350.00 + E 

Trainer ‘Catch Ride’ Fee ($500.00/day per Horse) + E $500.00 + E 

Show Prep for competition $50.00 

Clipper Blades $17.00 ea. 

Dressage Pads (1 new pad/Horse per day of competition) $25.00 pad 

Braiding ($45.00/Horse per day of competition) $45.00 

Private Security $40.00/hr (6 hr minimum/day) 

Uniformed Security $25.00/hr (6 hr minimum/day) $25.00/hr 

WRENWOOD is a Private Dressage Training Facility employing a veterinary protocol sanctioned by the FEI. To minimize exposure to disease and reduce potential stress to the horses, visitation is by appointment only. Horses must have a current coggins, and full set of vaccinations approved by Dr. Burnley before being allowed on any Wrenwood property.