team wrenwood

Our Team


Anna "Titanium Tush" Hopla
Nancy "Catapultis extroidinarius" Buschhaus
Robert "The Rev" Wilton
Eric "Hamma Slamma" Barnett
Sid "Shavings Master" Litwiller
Jordan Hancock
Phil Clifton
The Hancock "Clan" Sam, Erin, Bella, Mia, Brody, Lizette, Gage, and Poppy
Corey "Dune Buggie" Omar
Mike "Major Earth Mover" Hancock
Amanda "Watchdog" Walker
Chris "Mybrotherfromanothermother" Clark
Richard "Grampa" Hart
Phyliss "Cookie maker" Hart
Dustin "Mr. Wizard" Pritchett
Cayce "Cranky Bear" Rose
Emily "Moon Rocket" McIntosh
Josh Hollowel
Rachel Metzger

Jess "Muscles" Laframboise

Paul Hale

​Sandy Donovan
Susan Moran
Lloyd Landkammer
Howard "Elk Slayer" Whiteman
Braiders: Kelsey, Kendra, Tiffany, Haylee,
Tracey, Tanya, and Jordan

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Our warmest thanks to everyone that made the 2019 Show Tour a tremendous success.  You are a great team and we could not compete at the level
we do without you.